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Our plans are designed to teach NEW habits. Each meal plan template teaches a 7-day rotation which can be followed for several weeks until your new habits are in place. Food exchanges can be done to revise plans to meet your personal food preferences. If you get bored with your meal plan, you can select from other meal plan types available within your subscription plan.


Exercise Routines

With the Wellness Group App, you’ll receive customized exercise routines for up to 8 weeks.

In the app, you’ll have videos that show you exactly how to perform each movement, so you’ll know you’re exercising safely and with maximum benefit.


Be Well Fit App


My Meals Screen

Your plan is displayed with options to exchange foods for preferences


My Log Screen

Keep a food and exercise journal, sync with Fitbit and supported wearables


Workout Planner

Plan and track your workout schedule in a list or a calendar view.


Exercise Database

Find your favorite exercises from our database of nearly 1,000 exercise videos.


Exercise Details

Watch videos of each exercise movement and follow instructions, steps, reps, weight, speed, distance and etc.


My Goal Screen

Keep track of your weight changes and goals


Today's Summary

Gives you a summary of today's activities and totals



Receive daily fit tips and inspirational messages


Grocery List Screen

View and manage your healthy food list for shopping


Bar Code Scanner

Add custom foods easily from nutritional labels


Experience My Moves Workout

  • Follow simple workout routines customized to your level of fitness
  • Learn how to exercise properly with video demonstrations of various movements
  • Enjoy tracking your progress on your smartphone
  • Ask questions and get feedback from your coach
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  • Recently, 14 people participated in a 12 week body composition challenge using our meal plans and we recorded between 11 and 30 percent body fat loss, 26 and 85 pounds of fat loss, 14 and 25 inches of circumference loss, and 26 pounds of lean muscle mass gain.
    Group Testimonial
  • I love the variety of the meal plans and how delicious they are! I’ve always been afraid of healthy foods because I thought they were tasteless. Not any more!! They are simple to make, they are healthy and I love that I have energy throughout my day. I’ve kicked my energy drinks habit thanks to your meal plans program. I love it!

  • After trying several weight loss programs and not seeing lasting results, I decided to try the weight loss program from O & A Wellness Group, Inc. My health coach took the time to analyze my current diet and show me where I needed to make adjustments. With the targeted meal plans, I ate foods that worked for me and I dropped 30 pounds of fat, gained 5 pounds of muscle and lost 5 inches from my waist. The entire time I was shedding fat, I only walked because that was all I wanted to commit to. Now I am working with my coach to tone up with the at home fitness program designed just for me and I’m seeing toned muscles in different areas of my body. I appreciate the care and encouragement I receive. I’m glad I decided to give this program a try.

  • My MD told me I needed to watch what I eat to avoid going on medications for type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. My friend referred me to O & A Wellness Group, Inc., because they helped her overcome her overweight and insulin resistance problems. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with my health coach. She was very friendly and understanding. I had concerns and she addressed all of them. I love my meal plans! It was easy to shop for the ingredients and she also taught me about meal prepping. It has been 9 months on this program and my blood sugar has stabilized. I also lost the excess weight and brought my blood pressure back to normal ranges. This has been life changing for me. Thank you!